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Rezan Has Museum

Silent Witnesses From Neolithic Period to the Seljuks

23 March 2010 - 28 February 2011 @ Rezan Has Museum

Rezan Has Museum brings you together with the struggle of the communities against the nature, their daily lives, worlds of faith, social and commercial relations and even the instruments they developed to contend with death during the civilization process of human which began approximately nine-ten thousand years ago; in short you will meet the silent witnesses of the previous civilizations.

In the exhibition, besides displaying the works pertaining to various civilizations that has settled in and around Anatolia between 6500 B.C.- 1500 A.D. chronologically, they are also exhibited thematically within their own historical processes with seals, medical tools, arms, figurines and idols, weight and measures, lighting tools. In the exhibition, a bronze bathtub, bronze surgical instruments with inlaid silver dated back to 1st century B.C.- 1st century A.D., painted tools from 2 thousand B.C., Urartu pins, obsidian arrow tips, harnesses for horses, devotional sculptures, oil-lamps and terra-cotta sculptures may be seen besides the authentic works that have never been exhibited before.


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