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Introduction of Rezan Has Museum to world of culture and art has been realized with the exhibition “Timeless Simplicity” which was the opening exhibition of 11th Oriental Carpet Conference. Our museum is preparing its exhibitions by concentrating on the theme Haliç incorporating the traces of Byzantine, Ottoman and Republic periods due to its location.

Rezan Has Museum is not based on an existing collection. At present, the structure of the museum represents its main collection. The museum is established at the Cibali Tobacco Processing and Cigarette Factory which was converted into the Kadir Has University. A Byzantine cistern called “The Dark Fountain/Karanl?k Çe?me” is located at the museum site which itself is individually an exhibition item. This cistern is one of the few Byzantine constructions along the Golden Horn apart from the city walls. Another important site of the Rezan Has Museum is the ruins of a “hammam” located in the museum which dates back to the Ottoman era.


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