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Amongst Neighbours 01

Hayaka Artı

Under Construction // 02-14 June 2009

Hayaka Artı, presents the making of and first results by artists from Istanbul [Cihangir] and Berlin [Mitte] developed during their currently ongoing cultural exchange project. The exhibition shows interdisciplinary collaboration between artists of different media and individual receptions and researches of neighbourhoods. We are invited to share new perspectives and personal impressions artist collected and worked out inspired by ‘another’ cultural and social surrounding and to discover through their eyes the diversity and multilayered expressions of neighbourhood and their citizens.

Özlem Alkış (performance), Eva Bertram (photography), Iwona Borkowska (video-installation), Janine Eisenaecher (performance-installation), Selim Eyüboğlu (photography), Parwane Tomiko Frei (performance), Pablo Hermann (photography), Patrick Jambon (performance), Ahmed Kamel (photography-video), Elvan Kıvılcım (video), Barbara Klinker (photography), Peter Ojstersek (painting-installation), Sevgi Ortaç (photography), Fabian Schubert (photography-film), Serkan Taycan (photography), Can Tatlıparmak (installation), Somnur Vardar (video), Tina Veihelmann (litterature), Gökçe Yiğitel (performance-installation)


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