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Amongst Neighbours 01


Amongst Neighbours // 02-14 June 2009

Amongst Neighbours presents the first completed art works resulting from the cultural exchange project between Istanbul [Cihangir] and Berlin [Mitte]. The exhibition reveals artists’ experiences and impressions through poetic and remarkable expressions and invites the audience to a travel between the familiar and the foreign.

Murat Akagündüz (painting), Iwona Barkowska (installation), Esra Carus (installation), Gisela Genthner, (concept), Ali Perret + Bilgehan Özi? + Marc Lingk (music), Elvan K?v?lc?m (film), Fatih Özgüven + Lila Karbowska (litterature / performance / photo print? /sound installation), Güneri ?ço?lu (caricature), Karen Stuke, (photography / camera obscura), Tina Veihelmann (text), Matthias Mayer (performance)

Curators: Çagla Ormanlar Ok (Istanbul) ve Jaana Prüss (Berlin)


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