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Amongst Neighbours 01

Amongst Neighbours 01 is an artists exchange project involving artists living in Cihangir-?stanbul and Mitte-Berlin, who share each other’s living and working spaces and produce works in collaboration.

The project Amongst Neighbours was supported mainly by Istanbul 2010 Capital of Culture Agency, Kolonie Wedding in Berlin and Cihangir Inhabitants Association in Istanbul. In this framework, 38 artists coming from totally different disciplines; from theatre to cinema, literature to music, have been guests at each other’s homes and working spaces for 2 periods of 3 weeks in order to link the two districts. In April 2009, 18 artists from Cihangir have been the guests of Mitte, and in May 2009, 18 artists from Mitte have been the guests of Cihangir.

The works, produced by these artists in collaboration and in relation to street and public, have been presented to the public in June 2009 in three galleries located in Cihangir.

At Vizyon360 we had the joy of participating to this project and immortalizing these exhibitions by designing their virtual tours hereby presented.


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